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Some quotes from a book - Bodies Under Scrutiny Standing Together

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January 2nd, 2006

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05:33 pm - Some quotes from a book
These are from Maureen Dowd's Are Men Necessary?

I don't like the title. It's simply inflammatory, doesn't give you an idea of the content you're going to read, and will probably put men on the defensive when it's hard enough dealing with them when they're still feeling victimized by feminism. ;p

It's written like a really long scatterbrained op-ed column (wonder why?) and only parts of it are cogent in this gelatinous mass of sludge that is kind of making me depressed. But here are some pineapple chunks I pulled out that seem pertinent or interesting to me:

"Isn't it touching that they think we are so under control?" said antrohpologist Helen Fisher. "But every time a man is sleeping around, he is sleeping around with a woman. It's basic math that women are 50 percent of the problem here. Men want to delude themselves into thinking that women are Madonnas and pristine and in control of their sexuality because men have a terrible fear of cuckoldry." (141)

"Honor killings only go one way. "It seems premature. . . to attribute the relative lack of female interest in sexual variety to women's biological nature alone in the face of overwhelming evidence that women are consistently beaten for promiscuity and adultery," the primatologist Barbara Smuts said. "If female sexuality is muted compared to that of men, then why must men the world over go to extreme lengths to control and contain it?" (164)

"Roberts Vows to Be Most Generic White Male in History of Supreme Court," humorist Andy Borowitz announced in his daily bulletin. "With a beaming President Bush at his side, Judge Roberts said that if he serves on the nation's highest court, 'The nondescript American white male, who is wofeully underrepresented in this country at present, will finally have a voice.'" (196)

"Still, I assumed that one of the positive results of the feminist movement would be a more flexible and capacious notion of female beauty, a release from the tyranny of the girdled, primped ideal of the '50s.
I was wrong. Forty years after the dawn of feminism, the ideal of feminine beauty is more rigid and unnatural than ever." (229)

"As Dr. Etcoff said in the Times: "We are in danger of doing something unthinkable, which is making beauty boring. When it is all so overtly about appearance, personal identity becomes almost trivial. It's as if people would rather choose a mask than look like themselves or their mother or daughter." (230)

On a section why guys get hot for cartoon girls:

""The cartoon women, on the other hand, have these seductive voices and huge almond-shaped eyes. Tee animators create the ideal woman. But if a guy fantasizes about Jessica Rabbit, does he think about a cartoon body or a real one?"

I didn't puzzle over this at first. There was North Korea to worry about. . .

"Real women don't have curves like that. And with real women, you can like the way they look at first, but then when they talk and move it's all over. There's no charm. Animated girls never make ugly faces the way people do in real life. You never catch a cartoon figure at a bad moment."

For most guys, the more cartoonish the better. Perfect features, placid expressions, perfect bodies, no demands. (Maybe this yen is tied to men's attraction to childish female faces.)

While women find a wide array of men attractive for a wide array of reasons, men tend to be more predictable and visual in tehir responses. What men find sexy has hardly changed, despite a feminist revolution, except to grow more plastic and cartoonish. (244-246)

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Date:January 3rd, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
so sad, yet so true...

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