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August 17th, 2008

11:05 pm - I have a dream: to find clothes that fit!
This is an all-too-familiar scenario for women across the world, especially in the United States.  You walk into a store in hopes of finding clothing that fit you.  You spend an hour, maybe two hours, trying on different clothing.

You go up a size in one brand.  You go down a size in another brand.

You can't find anything that matches your style.  All the clothes are catered to young women or women older than you.  Maybe the style is too modest, or perhaps it's just too flashy.

All the pants are low-rise, hipsters, slim cut, wide leg, at the waist, or some other type that you look terrible in.  You can't find one cut that fits you.

Your shirts, that were once a size medium are now a large, despite that you haven't changed in your body shape or gained weight.  There's a gap at the buttons where your bust is threatening to break free.  Or maybe all the clothes hang on you like a trash bag.

You leave the store with one, two purchases or none at all.  When you arrive home, you're in a bad mood because "nothing seems to fit".

Why do we allow this to continue?

jeans4jane is a support community that has been set up for women to discuss their common complaints against the fashion industry for their methods of controlling our appearance and self-esteem, to gain a positive self-image back, and support companies that promote beauty of all shapes and sizes.

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May 3rd, 2008

02:21 pm - Midnight Show (ramblings about an old song)
I used to love the song "Midnight Show" by The Killers. and I still like it, I think... but I just listened to it, and it disturbed me.
it's very well done, for what it does- it's what it does that's the problem.
it's lines and phrases like "Crashing tides can hide a guilty girl" and "I took my baby's breath.... and watched her disappear" that disturb me. (emphasis added on both counts) 
maybe it's because it reminds me too much of pre-women's-lib ideas about a woman's losing her virginity as the most terrible thing ever. not saying virginity is worth nothing- to many people, it's worth a lot for personal reasons- but this song sounds like it comes from a society in which a woman's lost virginity equals her total ruin. sort of Scarlet-Letter-esque.
and the song is undoubtedly about seduction- of course- but it gives the impression that the girl in the song is ruined forever now, and feels (or should feel) guilty. it keeps alluding to her disintegration, throughout. he knows he is effectively condemning her, and causing her to inevitably feel guilt and shame, and yet he unscrupulously pursues his momentary goal which he can attain with impunity (to himself). and the guy in the song is fully aware of this, and turns the idea of luring and forcing this girl to her alleged ruin erotic. 

using a whip or handcuffs is not sadism. THIS is sadism. and I don't like it. 

love and sex should be celebrated, and shouldn't make anyone feel guilty or cause anybody's ruin. what milennium is this, anyhow? it should be freely entered from all sides, and no one should be expected to initiated or to resist because of their gender. this idea of unscrupulous male seduction makes me think of prehistoric notions, of such unscrupulous sadistic cads gleefully cutting notches into their bedposts, and modest once-maidens crying their eyes out in the knowledge that their moment of folly will castigate them from society forever. 

anyone agree with me, or am I a raving lunatic? 

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March 31st, 2008

12:24 pm - Eating disorder bloggers wanted for survey
I am a current graduate student researching the social history of food-related disorders, inspired, in large part, from my own struggles with anorexia and bulimia.  I'm conducting an anonymous survey of bloggers who blog about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery in partnership with a clinical psychologist for joint research and publication purposes.

I'm hoping our survey generates lots of responses so that our findings are well-rounded, inclusive and convincing.  The only two requirements are that you must have an active blog and that it must address, at least in part, your experiences with an eating disorder.  I'm hoping for responses from people of all ages and genders who are in all stages of recovery and who suffer from a diversity of eating disorders, from anorexia to binge eating disorder to ed-nos to orthorexia. 

If the scope of the study pertains to your own experiences, I invite you to participate by taking it.  More information and a survey link can be found here or http://the-f-word.org/blog/index.php/2008/03/23/eating-disordered-bloggers-wanted-for-survey/

Thank you!

Rachel Richardson

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October 10th, 2007

11:49 pm - a slightly uncomfortable, intensely personal question...
...I'm having trouble finding my G-spot. suggestions?


if this is irrelevant/ too "adult" for the group, let me know. 

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February 24th, 2007

04:38 pm - a peom inspired by Charm by FLB
Charm City

Through the streets they ran
yelling, laughing
clasping hands, hard
bare feet beating a rough rhythm into the punishingly cold jagged asphalt,
barely feeling the shards of beer bottles cutting into chitinaceous heels
and laughing at the trail of blood their small hard footprints left behind.
Charm roughly pulled her forward,
cutting a raging path through the back-alleys, across dark streets
flicking off the lit orange “DON’T WALK” hands. It took more to stop these two.
She felt the roughness of calluses and blisters
on the hot dry model-mold hand
brush against the sharp circular ridges of her own
and she held on harder.
Stars overhead glittered through orange smog
at the rollicking ids down below
watching the progress of their bobbing heads with streaming shining hair
one long, one short
coruscating in rhythm with the strong, gleaming running legs.
They passed metro stations, drugstores, vacant hair salons
Strip Club Row, its neon lights of obscenity intensifying the smog
streetwalkers, bums, leering louts
not knowing what they saw as they ran
not knowing what streets they passed, how many miles.
Finally Charm stopped her. She rubbed her calves, which she now realized ached
the adrenaline high had numbed her to the lactic acid burn
and she looked up at leaves of a burgeoning rosebush
faintly illuminated by a lone streetlamp.
They were in front of a little pink suburban-looking
house, with a white fence
lights off at this insane hour, looking SOOOO respectable.
Yeah. Right.
She’d grown up here. She knew the things that happened to kids in this house.
Charm saw her eyes and understood everything.
Slowly, methodically, she plucked one of the perfect well-kept hybrid tea roses
from over her head, dangling from the umbrella of pruned foliage
and, looking directly into her eyes,
stuffed the rose into her mouth
She chewed through the petals, hungrily, viciously
and they tasted nothing like they smelled
the spicy tangy chewiness according not at all
with their delicate appearance.
Slowly, in a quiet frenzy,
she and Charm ate their way
through every single rose on that fastidious rosebush
until all of the beautiful delicate shapes, with their perfect petals
were gone.
She felt the lights of tall, tall buildings of the faraway Harbor warm her face.
This is my city, she thought.
She felt the cool intense moonlight of Charm’s eyes
suddenly blaze into a forest fire as they watched her
windows to a soul
she could now prove she still had
the only drug either of them would need now.
Current Mood: artistic

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June 6th, 2006

09:20 am - I kind of love Keira Knightley for this
From British Elle (via MSN.com):

The expletive-loving thespian also reveals her continued lack of self-esteem over her lithe 5-foot-8 figure (she admits she "hates" her legs). Her idea of perfection? The cleavage- and curve-heavy shapes of Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet.

"That kind of decadent flesh is absolutely beautiful," the sylphlike starlet says. "How sexy on a woman."

She admits she's "consciously" working on being "happy in her own skin," a process that involves a grueling regimen of carbo-loading, exercise avoidance and grape-based nightcaps.

"I'm trying to go, '[Bleep] it,' and have bowls of pasta or whatever makes me happy," explains Keira. "I haven't been to the gym since January and I'm drinking about half a bottle of wine a night. I'm not one of those people who's going to jog five miles every morning. [Bleep], you've got one life, live it."

Not that I'm saying we should all conciously try to live an unhealthy lifestyle, 'cause exercise and healthy eating are important for all of us, but it's so nice to see someone so "lithe" and "sylphlike" (Hollywood-speek for "skinny enough to pick your teeth with) discuss the beauty of the curvy woman. In fact, I'm going to start thinking of my body as "decadent flesh."
Current Mood: amusedamused

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April 19th, 2006

02:16 am - A few more questions...
Hi all,

I posted a few weeks ago asking some questions about your participation in eating disorder-related communities. I'm a Wesleyan University student conducting research on these sites for my seminar on Eating Disorders. I'm looking at the ways in which these communities alternately provide supportive environments for recovery or provide a way to maintain or exacerabate these disorders. Your participation is very much appreciated, and I'd like to thank everyone who responded last time. If you'd rather e-mail me your responses, or have any questions/further comments for me, my e-mail address is jaryan@wesleyan.edu.

1. In what ways do you feel that your membership in online communities devoted to eating disorders shapes your identity?

2. Do you feel that you take on a specific identity in this community that is not necessarily the one you exhibit outside of this realm?

3. Would you say that your online identity is more or less your “true self”?

4. If in recovery, do you feel that online support is more or less effective than group or individual therapy? Why?

5. If not in recovery, what is your opinion on how these communities affect your eating disorder? Is it possible to voice your true feelings in situations outside of this community?

Again, thanks so much to everyone who replied last time. If you would like to see the presentation, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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April 10th, 2006

12:33 am - LiveJournal and Eating Disorders
Hey guys,

Some short background info:
My name is Jenny, and I'm a junior psychology/anthropology major at Wesleyan University. I'm doing research for my Eating Disorders seminar on the role of online diary communities in eating disordered individuals. I would greatly appreciate your participation if you would like to help me by answering any or all of the following questions.

1. Would you say that you have an eating disorder?

2. What role does this community (LiveJournal) play in your eating disorder (eg; do you come here for support of the disorder, support of recovery, inspiration, etc;)?

3. How often do you post to this community?

4. What do you typically write about?

5. What have you learned through your involvement with this community?

6. What are the positive and negative effects, in your opinion, of this community?

7. Any additional comments/questions, please feel free.

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January 2nd, 2006

05:33 pm - Some quotes from a book
Some quotes I'd like to share.Collapse )

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December 17th, 2005

08:41 pm
I am so excited to have found this community.

I've had an eating disorder for more than a year and I am really working hard and doing well in recovery! This community seems SO positive and uplifting. My name is Amanda, I'm 16, and slowly getting to a healthy weight! I found this community while browsing a search for feminism intrests. When I saw the BUSST acronym, I was ecstatic! Finally, women who don't talk about dieting and hating their bodies and all that negativity! I just want to cheer for this community.

PS~ Does anyone have any really inspiring, love-your-body-because-it's-amazing quotes? I'm making an anti-eating disorders collage, with the negative, anorexic, hateful side on the left and the awesome, love-your-body, healthy side on the right. I'm SO excited!

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